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Your bottle is an eye-catching accessory, sending a statement just like any other item you wear. It should reflect your personality or occasion and thats why we make a 
reliable and stylish bottle, allowing you to switch materials and looks based on your preferences.  

Originated from Sweden, the team passionately lives an active outdoor lifestyle and always with a bottle at hand. With innovative design, we aim to inspire others to bring their own bottle, drink better and make choices taking us on a healthier and more sustainable path.


We have the utmost respect for people who tirelessly and lovingly campaign for our planet’s well-being, ensuring a healthy lifestyle and that our incredible globe is protected for generations to come.

For every bottle sold, 3% of proceeds will go to a cause we believe in, reconnecting us with the reasons we dreamed up this stylish water bottle in the first place. We will let you, as a customer, decide what you want us to support and then we will share the progress on specific projects and organisations we decide to work with.