Fresh water at hand

With a life long experience of water in all forms, we introduce a new innovative water bottle, the ARCTIC Series.



ARCTIC Series was a desire to change the concept of a refillable water bottle. The result is a reliable, machine-washable and stylish water bottle in stainless steel with a flexible design, allowing the user to switch materials and looks with the same bottle. 

Each material gives the bottle a unique sensation, promoting the use of a refillable bottle that can be altered depending on taste and area of usage. It highlights and put value on sustainable materials that can set off positive local initiatives with a global impact.

Life depends on clean water so don't take it for granted and act now. What we drink and how we drink it matters.

ARCTIC Series is truly a well needed "message in a bottle". 


We have all had personal encounters with nature’s awe-inspiring harmony, its stunning beauty, its overwhelming force and occasional ferocity. A place to be humbled and reminded of ourselves. From the very places where we live our lives, we are now witnessing the corrosion of this natural beauty, as we humans release toxic elements into the ecosystem at an increasingly unmanageable rate.

Therefore, we have the utmost respect for people who tirelessly and lovingly campaign for our planet’s well-being, ensuring a healthy lifestyle and that our incredible globe is protected for generations to come.

For every bottle sold, 3% of proceeds will go to a cause we believe in, reconnecting us with the reasons we dreamed up this stylish water bottle in the first place. We will present a number of organizations that are empowering fantastically charitable work and let you, as a customer, decide what you want to support.